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Oru vattom koodiyen ormakal meyunne, thirumuttathu ethuvaan moham…” goes the song.

The further from home, the more it throbs on our minds. Home isn’t always the very house we grew up in. But more like that space we identify with. Where we discovered belonging… acceptance… and care.


Live with history in a heritage home.

Trek in a forest listening to the symphony of nature.

Float away your worries in a kulam (freshwater pond).

Bathe in the luminous glow of a temple vilakku (lamp) as you light it.

Listen to granny tales as you cook the traditional way.

Witness and experience ancient rhythms.

Smell the moist soil.

Plant a seed of memory.

Once again.

You may have seen South & North Kerala,

Now welcome to deep Kerala.

Welcome to Lore

Home... heritage... memories...

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A place where moss is allowed to grow, trees are to be climbed and squirrels are free to run about.

Much of what we relate to ‘home’ is quietly disappearing. The stories we heard, what we ate, the sounds we heard, what we did with our time.

All fading with time.

Indian towns and cities are looking eerily similar as they slip further and further into urban decay or development as some like to call it. The beauty of nature is kept at bay. After all, we seem to flow against nature rather than with it.

Fortunately in Kerala, there are still pockets of verdant open spaces where the soul roams unfettered and the heart sings a merry tune. Spaces that hark back to a bygone era, when ‘taking it slow’ was part of daily life much before it became a movement.