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Art Space

Inspired from the ‘Koothambalam‘ (theatre temple) tradition architecture of Kerala, our art space has high sloping roofs with large horizontal trellis windows that allow ambient light and shade with gentle breeze for the comfort of the performer and spectators. Long ‘chaarupadis’ (seating platforms) run alongside the windows providing ample inobtrusive seating space for spectators alongside the windows. The creative mood of the space has been an attraction point for artists and art lovers.

  • Artists seeking a space to create, perform, rehearse, demonstrate, collaborate for art, dance, music, theatre, etc.
  • Artists seeking a meeting space with clients for professional interactions
  • Events organisers seeking a space for their talks and workshops and exhibitions
  • Researchers seeking a space to work and stay for the work period
  • Photographers seeking a beautiful location (indoor &outdoor) that is spacious for their gear and lights and has all amenities for a small crew

Your sacred space is where you can find yourself over and over again.


  • 40ft x 20ft space | ~800 sq:ft
  • Well ventilated with ambient light & shade
  • Multipurpose space that can be designed to accommodate multiple performers as well as audience
  • High quality Projection facilities with screen
  • High definition speakers with wireless microphones & blue tooth access.
  • High speed Wifi
  • Multiple power outlets for musical instruments, additional speakers and gear.
  • Generator power backup
  • Attached restrooms
  • Access to pantry
  • CCTV security
  • Centrally located with parking facility
  • Catering facilities available on request
  • Well appointed lobby style meeting spaces
  • Beautiful outdoor and indoor waiting areas for audience to gather before and after a performance